Timber repair

Timber repair

With seventy years’ experience in structural reinforcement, Freyssinet puts its knowledge and expertise to good use.

We use our wood solution to restore damaged elements, strengthen and protect structures, while protecting the integrity of the architectural concept and minimising operations that might detract from the authenticity of the old elements.

Timber structures can age, be attacked by fungi and insects, or be subjected to excessive loads due to a change of use when a building is restored. Defects such as rotting or damaged wood, excessive deformation, cracking or failure of elements can occur as a result.

Freyssinet supports its customers from offering:

  • Protective measures.
  • Assistance with diagnosis.
  • Assistance with structural analysis and design.
  • Assistance with defining the strengthening strategy.
  • Performance of reinforcement work.

Our services include:

  • Joint restructuring.
  • Beam restructuring.
  • Resin concrete scarf jointing.
  • Seaming a cracked section.
  • Reinforcing timber floors.
  • Surface preparation and abrasive blasting.
  • Timber coating.