Garden Island – Wharf Repairs

Australian Government Department of Defence
Sydney NSW
Royal Haskoning
Nov 2019

Garden Island – Wharf Repairs


Garden Island Defence Precinct (GIDP) is a key operational and support base for the Royal Australian Navy. It is the major fleet base on the east coast of Australia and its primary role is to support home-ported and visiting Navy ships, as well as those ships belonging to foreign naval partners.

The main purposes of the works being carry out by Freyssinet are to:

  1. Reinstate   the   condition   of   the   wharves   and   infrastructure, accounting   for   deterioration   and dilapidation, and in turn providing fit-for-purpose compliant facilities, wharves and infrastructure, at the lowest possible whole-of-life cost to the Commonwealth;
  2. Increase the efficiency of operation of the service’s infrastructure, and identify and implement synergies;
  3. Account for the future utilisation of wharves and base infrastructure, clearly incorporating provision for future adaptability and flexibility.


Key Aspects: 
Remediation works to piles, pile heads, bollards and concrete wharf structure, including suspended access installation underneath wharf, approximately 800m2 of concrete repair, and 6,800 Galvashield anodes
Application of silane protection to wharf structure.
Supply and installation of traffic bollards and marine anchor bollards.
Removal and disposal of marine anchor bollards and timber piles.
Supply and installation of timber and concrete kerbs and new submarine fender frames and backing plates.
Installation of new foam-filled fenders.
Epoxy coating of steelwork.
Supply and installation of water based MMO anodes, cable ladders, cabling and conduits, junction boxes and transformer rectifier units.