Structural Works at Heathcote Tower

City of Melville
Applecross WA
Feb 2017 to May 2017

Structural Works at Heathcote Tower


Heathcote Tower was designed as a clock tower and water storage facility to service the surrounding mental hospital in the late 1920s. The tower consists of a masonry exterior with steel reinforced concrete beams and slabs. Due to the tower’s age and issues with rainwater ingress, a significant number of structural elements had become severely corroded and a point of structural weakness. 

A survey of the tower was conducted to determine the current level of damage and most suitable remediation strategy. Freyssinet Australia’s scope for remediation included concrete repairs and the installation of cathodic protection systems to inhibit corrosion of imbedded steel reinforcement. The undertaken works have been designed to extend the life of the tower by 50 years.


Key Aspects: 
Concrete remediation.
Breakout of spalling concrete.
Replacement of corroded reinforcement.
Patching, forming and pouring repairs.
Installation of cathodic protection of electrical continuity augmentation.
Impressed current system of sacrificial roll anodes.
Zinc layer anode sheeting.
Structural steel remediation.
Bolting new support brackets.
Installation of web stiffeners.
Application of epoxy coating.
Waterproofing of slab soffits.
External heritage brickwork remediation.