Croydon Vent Shaft

Sydney Water Corporatio
Sydney NSW
Nov 2011 to Dec 2011

Croydon Vent Shaft


Freyssinet Australia was engaged to completed concrete repair works to the heritage listed Croydon Vent Shaft.

The works entailed a full survey of the vent shaft in order to locate and nominate the severity of each repair prior to any breakout works.

In addition to the concrete repair works, some reinforcement required treatment and augmentation to replace the original rebar configuration. Design and installation of a stainless steel capping to the top opening of the vent shaft was also required.

Due to the heritage significance of the vent shaft, it was particularly important to replicate the physical appearance of the existing render. As a result, various repair mortar which met the specification criteria had to be sampled and signed off by a Sydney Water Corporation heritage representative prior to use.


Key Aspects: 
Survey and location of the drummy concrete and render.
Test, sampling and sign off of repair mortar.
Saw cutting and removal of drummy concrete.
Treatment and augmentation of corroded rebar.
Patch repair of spalled concrete.
Application of saline product to entire façade of vent shaft.
Design and installation of stainless steel cap to top opening.
Due to the superior finish of the repairs, the structure was featured in a media article to promote its heritage significance by Sydney Water.