Brett's Wharf Concrete Repairs

EPOCA Construcons 
Brisbane QLD
Geoinvenons Consulng Services 
Aug 2019 to Nov 2019

Brett's Wharf Concrete Repairs


Positioned adjacent the cruise ship terminal at Portside Wharf, Brett’s Wharf consists of a suspended concrete pedestrian walkway adjacent to the Brisbane River. The tidal location of this walkway had caused extensive corrosion to the reinforcing steel, resulting in large sections of severe concrete spalling. 

To extend the serviceable life of the structure and ensure a safe environment for pedestrians and residents, Freyssinet Australia was engaged to carry out repairs to all defective areas identified. 


Key Aspects: 
The repairs required over 62m2 of hydro‐demolition, 245Lm of steel augmentation, with dry spray shotcrete utilised to efficiently cover all exposed steel reinforcement.
These repairs spanned from Brett's Wharf ferry terminal to Portside Wharf.
Access to these repair locations posed a significant challenge during this project, as both tidal movements and noise restrictions limited access to work fronts each day.
Unique access systems were utilised to ensure that the project was successfully delivered on schedule.
Hydro‐demolition of defective concrete.
Preparation, augmentation and coating of steel reinforcement.
Dry‐spray shotcrete to walkway soffit.