Qenos Pipeline Patrol & Cathodic Protection

Qenos Pty Ltd
Sydney NSW
Vic McLean
Jul 2014

Qenos Pipeline Patrol & Cathodic Protection


Freyssinet has been contracted to Qenos Pty Ltd to patrol and maintain the Qenos Ethylene Pipeline. The Ethylene pipeline runs from Clyde Refinery to Banksmeadow Terminal. Most of the pipeline section is located inside a rail corridor.

Being buried underground, this pipeline is mainly invisible, except for the necessary warning signs, which are placed at intervals along the route to inform any parties (such as persons excavating in the vicinity) of its presence. This pipeline is patrolled weekly from the ground to ensure that no activities (e.g. excavations, buildings etc) are being carried out over the pipeline easement, which may hinder the pipeline’s operations/maintenance.


Key Aspects: 
Weekly pipeline surveillance patrol.
Bi-monthly cathodic protection intermediate survey.
Cathodic protection major survey.
Work supervision for third party activities within the vicinity of pipeline
Daily ‘Dial Before You Dig’ services.
Weekly transformer rectifier unit monitoring.
Remote monitoring for pipeline’s potential and current.
Maintenance works as required.