Cement Australia Ship Unloader

Cement Australia  
Brisbane QLD
Wave International
Mar 2017 to Apr 2017

Cement Australia Ship Unloader


The Cement Australia cement plant, located in the Brisbane suburb of Bulwer Island, produces more than 10% of the cement annually consumed in Australia, with its two mills operating on the site 24 hours a day. With the ship unloader wharf located in the adjacent Brisbane River, and with deep water access for vessels up to 25,000T, it provides capacity to take in over a million tonnes of cement clinker, gypsum, slag and other products each year for grinding.

As a result of damage sustained to the wharf deck during shipping operations, Freyssinet Australia was invited to provide a design and construct solution to remediate. 


Key Aspects: 
Given the significant cost associated in disruption to the wharf facility, a solution was designed to quickly make-safe the damaged concrete and deformed reinforcement, prior to reinstatement using a form and poured constant profile drop panel to the damaged area.
This simplified solution avoided more complex detailing associated with the client’s final reference design and enabled the wharf to be returned to service in a timely fashion.