Spit Bridge - Gantry Replacement

DM Roads
Sydney NSW
Nov 2019 to Dec 2019

Spit Bridge - Gantry Replacement


The Spit Bridge is a steel and concrete girder bridge with a bascule lift span across Middle Harbour.

There are four gantries, one adjacent to each corner of the bascule lift span, providing access for maintenance to the motors controlling the movement of the pedestrian gates on the footways of Spit Bridge. When the lift span is in operation, gates on both approaches on both footways swing closed, preventing pedestrian access. Following inspection and structural analysis from BG&E, it appeared that the existing gantries in their current condition were inadequate for Walkway Service Loads as defined in AS5100.


Key Aspects: 
Freyssinet Australia was engaged to remove the existing platform and replace it as per drawings provided by DM roads.
Works included scaffold installation to access the gantries.
Removal and replacement of four gantries with FRP grating as detailed in the latest drawings.
Localised removal of lead paint in order to facilitate the existing gantry removal.
Replacement of the ladder which provided access from top of the bridge to the gantry.
Replacement of hinges and painting of the bottom portion of the hatch lids.