Kingsgrove Rail Bridge Refurbishment

Sydney Trains
Sydney NSW
Dec 2013 to Feb 2014

Kingsgrove Rail Bridge Refurbishment


The rail bridge which crosses Kingsgrove Station is a two spanned overbridge. The bridge supports two lanes of vehicle traffic and two pedestrian footpaths which also act as service ducts.

Within the soffit, there are visible signs of concrete spalling in locations to where the I-beams currently exist. The concrete covering these I-beams needed to be removed to prevent further spalling. Once the concrete had been removed, the exposed bottom flange of the I-beam needed to be prepared and painted using a protective coating system to prevent further corrosion.

Freyssinet was engaged by Sydney Trains to refurbish the soffit of the Kingsgrove Rail Bridge. This work was required to be performed during scheduled weekend rail shutdowns.


Key Aspects: 
Site establishment.
Removal of spalled concrete to 20 I-beams.
Repair of spalled concrete to 8 locations.
Encapsulation of the underside of bridge prior to blasting of beams.
Preparation of the exposed I-beam by way of grit blasting.
Epoxy coating of the I-beams.