Bracken Ridge Reservoir

Queensland Urban Utilities
Brisbane QLD
Sep 2016 to Aug 2017

Bracken Ridge Reservoir


The QLD Urban Utilities Bracken Ridge Reservoir forms part of the essential water infrastructure for the Brisbane region. Constructed in 1943 from reinforced concrete, the reservoir has a diameter of 50.1m, wall hieght of 4.5m and a capacity of 8.8ML. The roof consists of Colorbonf metal sheeting with a timber frame, which is supported from tank walla and also the 46no internal concrete columns. 

Freyssinet Australia was succesful in securing the Bran Ridge reservoir refurbishment project. 

Key Aspects: 
Internal and external asbestos removal, repair of damaged concrete to vertical joints and installation of hypalon bandage
Treatment of 1,240Lm wall cracks, installation of 1,570Lm hypalon bandage to all internal joints and column bases
53.8m2 of concrete spall repairs and installation of 275No galvanic anodes to columns
Application of 2,190m2 of internal and external waterproof membranes and protective coatings
Removal of redundant fixtures and pipework
The design and construction of an external staircase and roof level landing deck, in order to provide ongoing safe operational access to the structure