CSA Mine Cobar – Copper Ore Bin Remediation

Sydney NSW
Feb 2014 to May 2014

CSA Mine Cobar – Copper Ore Bin Remediation


The underground copper mine originally commenced production in 1871 and has seen production of zinc, silver, lead and copper, however today it focuses on mining copper. The mine operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. In 1963, four reinforced concrete ore storage bins were constructed. These bins are integral to the production operation in handling ore between the underground mine and the mill. With a service life in excess of 50 years, the bins have experienced structural deterioration and concrete spalling. This spalling to the bins’ exterior and support structure remained a safety issue for personnel working around and under the storage bins so remediation works were considered necessary to extend the life of the existing bins for a further five years.

Freyssinet Australia was commissioned to conduct an investigation of the four ore bins to map the drummy and delaminated concrete zones around the bin perimeter and support structure and were subsequently awarded the contract for the repair works.


Key Aspects: 
Provided concrete patch repairs to the external face.
Repaired the concrete ring beam around the top of the 25m high bin structures.
Performed concrete repairs to the base support structure.
Designed and installed a permanent suspended catch net system around the lower portion of the ore bins.
Access to the work face from a combination of elevated work platforms, scaffold and crane around a live mill operation.
Performing concrete patch repairs in very tight acute angle corners; concrete repair around existing external post-tensioning.
Managing our work site in such a way to not impact on the daily business operations of the client.