Olympic Drive Shutdown – Grouting Works

Sydney Trains
Sydney NSW
Sydney Trains
Dec 2013

Olympic Drive Shutdown – Grouting Works


Freyssinet was awarded the grouting works for the major shutdown of Olympic Drive Lidcombe which was completed over the 2013 Christmas break. This shutdown was managed by Sydney Trains and was required due to the reduced height restrictions. Due to previous incidents with heavy vehicle hitting the underside of the bridge, it was critical that the bridge height was increased to allow for free-moving incident-free traffic.

The project was four years in the planning and was planned for the 2013 Christmas break. Should this have not occured, it would have been pushed out another six years. 

Freyssinet Australia's involvement was as the specialist grouting contractor that completed the grouting of the new pre-cast segments which formed the new bridge abutments.


Key Aspects: 
Grouting of the precast segments was difficult in the fact they were up to 5m x 3m x 1.5m in depth.
The grout needed to be fluid and flowable in order to reach all extents of the precast segments without creating air pockets and voids
The grouting works needed to be constantly monitored and mixed to a precise ratio of water and product in order to achieve the required 22MPa compressive strength at 2 days old. This was tried and tested on two occasions prior to the shutdown with NATA testing completed and confirmed.
Sydney Trains achieved the program which was considered to be the fasted ever job sequencing of its time, with entire works starting on 25th December 00:00 and completed by 30th December 23:59.