Tech School Reservoir

Bunbury WA
Jul 2016 to Nov 2016

Tech School Reservoir


The Tech School Reservoir is AQWEST’s largest water storage reservoir. The reservoir was extended in 1987, increasing the capacity to 76ML. Leakage of water through concrete and the limestone fill foundation necessitated replacement of existing concrete joints and injection of cementitious grout under slabs.

Stages 1-3 of these refurbishment works extended to 55% of the reservoir. Stages 4 and 5 continued on from these works extending joint refurbishment and under-slab grouting to the remaining 45% of the reservoir. Joint refurbishment and foundation stabilisation works in stages 4 and 5 resulted in the lowest water leakage rates recorded since the 1987 extension of the reservoir.


Key Aspects: 
2200m joint refurbishment works.
Existing joint re-profiling.
Joint grouting.
Concrete surface preparation.
Installation of Sikadur Combiflex jointing system.
110m crack repairs throughout the reservoir.
115m concrete breakout and repair along joints.
12m² slab breakout and reinstatement.
Remediation of existing Sikadur Combiflex joints.
450m removal and capping of hold down battens.
Management of subcontract slab stabilisation works.