PWCS OB1 – Stream Repairs

Port Waratah Coal Services
Newcastle NSW
Jan 2020 to Mar 2021

PWCS OB1 – Stream Repairs


This project involved many work locations of varying sizes. The work had been split up into conveyors and their relevant support trestles. The project started up on the three largest trestles which required extensive scaffolding to access the works, the largest of which was approximately 28m high. This access had to also involve hoarding around one conveyor that sat in the middle of the scaffolding. Successfully, this hoarding prevented any coal dust from entering the work area and any garnet and paint entering the conveyor system.

There were two work activities to be completed once on these scaffolds: remediation of the coatings and corrosion with steel works done on any areas that required strengthening; and replacement of bolts along all three of the major trestles involving careful planning and staging of all works in that area. All three trestles were completed within their programmed dates (with relevant EOT’s and delays taken into account), with a high standard of quality for the repairs and coatings.

The works which continued after these major trestles were similar in scope but on a smaller scale, with 8 medium sized trestles to be tackled (8-10m high) and over 40 smaller (2-4m high) trestles.


Key Aspects: 
Freyssinet’s was Head Contractor for the works, but was primarily involved in the blast and paint activities which accounted for the majority of the scope, implementing the coating specification set by the client and delivering a high standard of coating remediation.
Freyssinet managed both sets of subcontractors on site for both scaffolding and steel repairs. Freyssinet oversaw the driving program, ensuring all teams on site performed to the required standard of safety and quality, following all client procedures and specifications.
Freyssinet ran the entire site maintaining the site compound and laydown areas keeping up housekeeping and clean facilities to produce a safe and efficient workplace for all crews.
A key area where Freyssinet excelled was a swift response to the COVID-19 risks, managing the relevant controls on site and quickly adapting to the new requirements on site. The new plans and documents to manage COVID-19 were also positively received by the client.