Port Bonython Breasting Dolphin 2 & 3 Remediation

Department of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure (SA)
Port Bonython SA
Wallbridge Gilbert & Aztec
Apr 2016 to Oct 2017

Port Bonython Breasting Dolphin 2 & 3 Remediation


This project involved the remediation of the two inner breasting dolphins at the end of the 2.5km long jetty at the Santos processing facility, which is located at Port Bonython, approximately 250km NNW of Adelaide.

The remediation works included the removal of 160mm of concrete by hydro demolition from the sides and top of the dolphins, removal and reinstatement of all exposed steel reinforcement, and reinstatement of the concrete by form and pour.

Critical items on the project included the supply and installation of a temporary fender system, the design, supply and installation of a major temporary works structure, as well as the removal and replacement of the existing steel box beams on the soffit of the dolphins with new steel reinforced concrete beams. The temporary works structure also incorporated lifting capabilities for the removal and replacement of the existing fender structures with new ones, as well as supporting all construction loads including hydro demolition, formwork and concrete.


Key Aspects: 
Freyssinet Australia, as Principal Contractor, performed the major concrete remediation works on the dolphins. In addition, some heavy lifting works were required for the removal of the box beams from the soffit of the dolphin structures.
Other specialist tasks were managed by Freyssinet in the areas of maritime construction works, structural steel fabrication and installation, craneage, diving, coring, wire sawing and hydro demolition.
Major emphasis was placed on the project in regard to both safety and the environment. The site is a high risk facility and is exposed to large swells and high winds, whilst there is a high priority on environmental controls due to the Spencer Gulf being of environmental significance.