Kurnell Terminal Wharf Maintenance (Structural, Civil and Mechanical)

Kurnell NSW
Lindsay and Dynan
Jun 2016 to Oct 2021

Kurnell Terminal Wharf Maintenance (Structural, Civil and Mechanical)


Kurnell Wharf is one of Caltex’s major assets within Australia and is the only wharf within NSW large enough to accept long range carriers from overseas hauling various fuels. The wharf itself is over 1km long and allows these long-range carriers to safely unload fuels and pump large volumes to the terminal for storage. Fuels which are unloaded and pumped from the wharf include diesel, aviation fuel and unleaded fuels. The wharf itself was constructed in the early 1960s, and due to the nature of the harsh marine environment, ongoing maintenance works are crucial to ensure its ongoing operation and longevity.


Key Aspects: 
Coating Repairs:
Examination of coating breakdown on mechanical equipment and structural items.
Mechanical descaling and preparation.
Abrasive blasting and preparation.
High pressure water washing.
Application and testing of preferred coating systems to mechanical equipment or structural items.
Piping Repairs:
Mechanical descaling of corrode steel pipework, valving and piping equipment.
Testing and inspection of steel pipework, valving and piping equipment.
Fabrication, erection and welding of patches as required.
Temporary work structures.
Erection, maintenance and removal of scaffolding and encapsulation required to ensure a safe work environment.