BLB1 – Hybrid CP

Sydney Ports
Sydney NSW
Apr 2019 to May 2019

BLB1 – Hybrid CP


The Bulk Liquid Berth 1 (BLB1) rehabilitation project is a 2-year project being undertaken for Port Botany Operations. BLB1’s purpose is to manage the import/export of bulk liquids including hazardous (LPG & petroleum) and non-hazardous (lube oils) substances. BLB1 has been operating for over 40 years, during which time the wharf has endured extreme weather conditions, ocean swell/currents and consistent shipping operations. Due to the wharf’s age and the harsh environment it resides in, it has experienced significant reinforcement corrosion causing concrete spalling.

Freyssinet Australia has been engaged to repair the damaged concrete and to install a hybrid Cathodic Protection (CP) system, which functions by utilising sacrificial anodes and an impressed current design. When installed together, they effectively generate a large battery thus protecting the wharf against corrosion. This system can be turned on and off with ease, it is ‘intrinsically safe’ compliant, and has been designed to protect the wharf for the next 40-50 years.


Key Aspects: 
Freyssinet Australia was engaged as the head contractor working directly for Port Botany Operations.
Freyssinet is responsible for delivering the project within the project deadline, managing the quality of the installation(s) and ensuring the safety of all personnel.
90% of the works is performed to the underside of the wharf which is influenced by the tide movements. Rather than work from a work punt, Freyssinet developed a unique suspended access system. This system is still influenced by high tide events and weather; however, it has improved the ability to work within the difficult environment, production efficiencies, quality control and is a safe system to support personnel and equipment.
The project involved working within an explosive atmospheric environment and development of work processes/procedures and specific permits to manage works safely and remove any risk of atmospheric ignition.