Kooragang K4 Wharf Construction Joint Repairs

Port Waratah Coal Services
Newcastle NSW
Jun 2014 to Sep 2014

Kooragang K4 Wharf Construction Joint Repairs


Structurally significant defects were detected at the Kooragang Coal Terminal’s (KCT) K4 Wharf during the course of routine maintenance inspections. The wharf rear beam construction joints showed varying grades of degradation that, at one critical location, exhibited up to 7mm of movement in shear under load from the 1000 tonne ship loader and warranted the immediate halting of operations.

The selected repair methodologies were widely consulted with Port Waratah Coal Services (PWCS) and were subject to a third party review. Works were tendered and contracted to Freyssinet Australia for execution.

The complexity of the project required a teamwork approach where each party, namely PWCS, Freyssinet and GHD, supported by key industry specialists, brought the best of their professional contribution to achieve an outstanding result.


Key Aspects: 
The project’s work methodology comprised of many technical innovations that contributed to its overall success including nomination for Excellence Awards with Newcastle Institute of Engineering and NSW Concrete Institute of Australia.
Custom heavy load trolleys to transport the 32t x 20m long wharf support frame into position over the repair.
Modular coating access platforms for fast installation and high demolition load carrying capacity.
Robotic hydro demolition for 24-hour operation avoiding operator fatigue and manual handling.
Custom concrete mix design to reduce high heat generation while achieving high early strength for early return to service.
24-hour works program over the course of the project.
Implementation of stringent WHS and environmental controls with zero incidents throughout the project.