Kooragang & Carrington Coal Terminal Wharf Repairs

Port Waratah Coal Services
Newcastle NSW
Oct 2013 to Aug 2014

Kooragang & Carrington Coal Terminal Wharf Repairs


Port Waratah Coal Services Limited (PWCS), located in the Port of Newcastle in NSW operates the world’s largest coal handling facility. PWCS operates two coal terminals – Carrington Coal Terminal (CCT) and Kooragang Coal Terminal (KCT). The issues confronting PWCS related to deterioration of their concrete wharf structures at both sites. In addition, PWCS were very specific with their expectations regarding safety and the environment at these sites.

Freyssinet Australia was awarded the head contract to remediate the structures for the Stage 1 scope in September 2013 and Stage 2 in January 2014. Freyssinet’s brief for the project included remediation of 9 concrete breasting dolphins and the main wharf deck at CCT, plus 190m of concrete wharf structure and 5 land-based strut blocks at KCT.


Key Aspects: 
The breakdown of the scope items included hydro demolition to remove deteriorated concrete; installation of an impressed current cathodic protection system; concrete repairs and reinstatement utilising a combination of form and pour and hand applied techniques.
Application of waterproofing and decorative coating systems; epoxy crack injection; installation of flexible joints to the wharf deck; repairs to the existing wharf deck drainage system.
Freyssinet faced several challenges including working over water from suspended scaffolding with full encapsulation and environmental controls. Management of these environmental controls and the work face through the daily tidal cycle was very important for productivity and QSE requirements.
Managing the work site operation around constant daily shipping movements at both wharves was equally important in order to avoid disruptions to the PWCS business.