Undercliffe Bridge

Ventia Boral Amey on behalf of RMS
Sydney NSW
Dec 2014 to May 2016

Undercliffe Bridge


The project was the reinstatement of the Undercliffe Bridge across the Cooks River in Sydney. It involved the complete abrasive blasting, repair and application of protective coating on the cast iron piles (involving the removal of lead-based paint and asbestos) and road girders, the concrete repair, as well as installation and commissioning of impressed current cathodic protection within the concrete piers.

The bridge suffered heavy concrete cancer and corrosion due to its exposure to the chlorine environment. The project was part of the Stewardship Maintenance Contract between Roads and Maritime Services and Ventia Boral Amey NSW JV.


Key Aspects: 
Freyssinet Australia was the head contractor and was responsible for the overall execution of the project
Works involved: o Staged installation of suspended scaffold for the works and installation of coerdam around cast iron piles. o Sealed, negative pressure, air-forced encapsulation installed to conduct the removal of existing lead paint, with traces of asbestos. o Abrasive blasting, application of 3 coat system on the cast iron piles and road girders and application of Denso tape on pile connections. o Removal of defective concrete, steel reinforcement repair and concrete reinstatement. o Installation and commissioning of ICCP and application of concrete anti-carbonation coating.