Pyrmont Bridge Expansion Joint Refurbishment

Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority
Pyrmont NSW
Otto CS Erha LMI & Partners Pty Ltd
Sep 2010 to Dec 2010

Pyrmont Bridge Expansion Joint Refurbishment


Freyssinet Australia was awarded the works which involved the introduction of two expansion joints on the Pyrmont Bridge along Pier 10 and Pier 11. The introduction of these new expansion joints along the base of the bridge also required adjustment works along the balustrade posts at the nominated locations.

Freyssinet was awarded the job by the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority as the main contractor with the following objectives:

  • Perform the works in a safe and environmentally sound manner.
  • Minimise the disturbance to bridge traffic.
  • Complete the job as quickly as possible.
  • Provide a quality product.

The work was completed to the entire satisfaction of SHFA.

In order to complete the works in a safe manner, we were required to complete the works in 3 stages allowing the bridge to be fully operational at all times. To complete this in a successful manner, we needed to install temporary catchment directly beneath the works zones along the joints which ensured that no debris fell into the cockle bay marina; install a Class A hoarding around each stage of the works; and install of cantilevered scaffolding.

With the above in place, all the demolition works of the existing road base could be removed, a new galvanised steel expansion joint installed and new road base installed.


Key Aspects: 
The removal and reinstatement of the wearing surface of the bridge deck around the nominated joints.
Supply and installation of the metal joints and waterproof membrane.
Removal, modification and restatement of balustrade posts with expansion joints to accommodate movement.