NCIG Rail Viaduct Half Joint Repair

Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group
Newcastle NSW
Aurecon Hatch
Dec 2014

NCIG Rail Viaduct Half Joint Repair


Freyssinet Australia was engaged to prevent water spillage through the half joints below the viaduct from causing further damage to the headstock. Water pooling on the headstocks had leaked through a half joint into an area where there was cracking. The worry was that water would penetrate through these cracks causing the internal reinforcement to corrode. The works were carried out from a MEWP boom lift.


Key Aspects: 
Freyssinet cleaned the area around the crack and half joint.
A silane coating and a waterproof membrane was then applied over the top of the cracks to prevent water ingress into the crack.
The half joint was then sealed using a mastic sealant on an expanded foam backing rode to minimise the water entering the half joint sitting on the headstock.