Deep Creek Bridge Sacrificial Anodes

DM Roads
Sydney NSW
AECOM & Remedial technology
Sep 2019 to Oct 2019

Deep Creek Bridge Sacrificial Anodes


The bridge on Wakehurst Parkway over Deep Creek (Bridge ID no. 150) is composed of seven simply supported spans of 6.096m with a total length of 42.672m. The bridge was constructed in 1942 and consists of cast in-situ reinforced concrete deck concrete girders with a total bridge width of 10.66m.

Based on the inspection, AECOM & Remedial Technology made some recommendations including the sacrificial anode system to piles of piers 1,2,6, water anode for all piles, conventional patch repair to deck soffit, edge beam, pier columns and headstocks in conjunction with the implementation of a sacrificial anode and anti-carbonation coating Dekguard S.

Most of the recommended remediation works were completed by another company in 2018 with the following works remaining for Freyssinet Australia to complete:

  • Supply and installation of the sacrificial anodes above water for piles of piers 1,2 and 6.
  • Supply and installation of a monitoring system for pile 2 at pier 5 and all piles at pier 6 including a bridge monitoring unit.
  • Concrete repair works for the above-mentioned piles. Only above water concrete repair works to be complete (i.e. within RL 27.71 and 1m above).

The nominated works included the following activities:

  • Site establishment.
  • Traffic management to provide a safe working area.
  • Installation of access platforms.
  • Concrete repair works to piles.
  • Cathodic Protection (CP) treatments installed which included above water sacrificial anode CP system with monitoring system.
  • Clean up and restoration of the site at completion of rehabilitation works.