Berowra Bridge Refurbishment

Sydney Trains
Sydney NSW
Jul 2019

Berowra Bridge Refurbishment


The Berowra Parade overbridge is located 44.479 km along the Main North Line adjacent to Berowra Railway Station. The bridge appears to have been built around 1909 and consists of two unequal concrete arch spans supported by masonry abutments on one side and sandstone bedrock on the other, along with a masonry pier between the up and down main tracks. The overbridge is approximately 16m long by 5m wide and 8.4m high from the rail track to the top of the bridge parapet. This bridge is recognised as one of the earliest and most intact examples of this type of overbridge and also one of the few to retain the original brick parapets.


Key Aspects: 
Freyssinet worked as head contractor directly for Sydney Trains.
The scope of work included installation of traffic/pedestrian control including road closures to create a safe working area and accommodate one traffic lane; cleaning of the bridge including the parapet; removal of vegetation; cleaning of drains; replacement of section loss; and concrete spalling repair (2.5m2) after a mark-up survey from 2 boom lifts.
Works were completed in one weekend shutdown with complete track possession.
Freyssinet worked simultaneously with other contractors and Sydney Trains maintenance personnel.