The Star Columns Strengthening

Sydney NSW
Jul 2018 to Dec 2018

The Star Columns Strengthening


The Star’s Sovereign Resort Expansion in Sydney consists of building a 60-storey building on top of the existing casino. This project has provided The Star with a VIP gaming offering and a new world class hotel, attracting local and international customers.

The Sovereign Resort Expansion works include a first stage of enabling works. As the main contractor for the enabling works and main works design and construction, Built was in charge of column strengthening upgrades throughout the existing facility. The final goal of the first stage was to allow the structure to accommodate the Sovereign Resort Expansion works.


Key Aspects: 
Freyssinet Australia was sub-contracted to carry out the column strengthening works, including the upgrade of 35 concrete columns and 2 steel columns, strengthening 8 pile caps and installation of 4 new steel columns.
Major challenges included the tight schedule with two shutdown periods (works in a night club), working inside the casino while still in operation (public, dust & noise control) and coordinating works with other companies (services removal, access issues).
Pile cap works included exposing existing pile caps, installation of additional reinforcements below and pour concrete. Jacks were installed to ensure contact between the existing and new pile cap.
Column upgrade which involved the scabble of concrete columns, installation of additional reinforcements around existing column, preparation of formwork, pouring concrete, and stripping new column.
Steel column installation which involved an open slab of each level in the casino, installation of gantry, lifting sections of column in place, welding, and pouring concrete.