Sydney Cricket Ground – Light Tower Upgrade

Sydney Cricket & Sports Ground Trust
Sydney NSW
Oct 2019 to Mar 2021

Sydney Cricket Ground – Light Tower Upgrade


The six light towers at Sydney Cricket Ground form a tapered steel cylinder from top to bottom and are between 55-65m tall. The sections are internally bolted together with an M36 at each connection with horizontal sealant joints on the outside for weatherproofing at these areas. Towers 1, 4, 5 and 6 have five cylindrical sections with an extra base section. These towers have a subgrade base footing, which have the surrounding subgrade encapsulating the steel base material. The individual towers are facilitated by a series of alternating ladders and platforms.


Key Aspects: 
Providing specialised access systems for all work fronts.
Removal of failed exterior coatings, repair of corrosion and welds, application of new exterior coating, localised repair of platforms and ladders.
Localised removal and repair of base footings, detail and test bolted internal connection, and repair and recoat interior wall surfaces.
Base deconstructions, structural bolted connection upgrades, ultra-high pressure coating removal, internal and external tower protective coatings systems with the help of Dulux Australia.
Difficult access solutions such as rope access, cantilevered scaffolding and pre-designed circular hoists access systems.