SCEC Rob Stabilisation & Strengthening Works

Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority
Sydney NSW
Apr 2011 to May 2011

SCEC Rob Stabilisation & Strengthening Works


The project involved the stabilisation and remediation of a single significantly corroded steel suspension rod located above the roof level of Hall 5 of the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Freyssinet Australia fully designed and constructed the stabilisation works. The initial report asked for a scaffolding to be installed on the roof and struts to be installed inside the convention centre. Freyssinet Australia proposed a unique design which required a bracket system to be installed at the upper and lower pins of the rod in tension. Four External PT cables were then slung between the two brackets and tensioned to transfer the load from the rod to the cables.

This eliminated the need for any strut system to be installed. Access to the works zone was a challenge due to the minimal point loading allowed to the simply supported roof structure. This required installation of light weight SHS placed across points of the roof in order to create a “platform”.

The success of this project relied heavily on the originality of this design which allowed the client to have full use of the car park, zero disruption to the public using the SCEC facilities and thirdly, working within the maximum allowed point loading to the simply supported roof structure.


Key Aspects: 
Design and installation of bracket system.
Design and installation of lightweight platform and scaffolding.
Use of rope access to access upper pins of the rod.
External post tensioning
Examination and assessment of the corroded rod.
Cleaning and corrosion inhibitor treatment of the corrosion site.
Repair and strengthen the corroded roof tie rod.
Epoxy coating of the newly strengthened rod.
Installation and certification of roof anchor system to the SCEC roof.
Inspection and reporting on the box gutter laps and aerial stormwater pipes within the SCEC building.