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Concrete repair

Concrete repair

Freyssinet can provide a complete solution for the repair of building facades, bridges, car parks, overpasses, silos, wharves, marine and industrial structures. Services supplied for reinforced concrete include:

  • Supply and erection of all access scaffolding and platforms, including custom designed systems.
  • Concrete removal by hydro demolition.
  • Repair of spalling or damaged areas of concrete.
  • Supply and installation of additional strengthening.
  • Shotcrete.
  • Application of special hydraulic mortars.
  • Repair and/or replacement of joint sealants.
  • Pinning systems for render and brickwork.
  • Protective and architectural coatings (PCCP4 accredited).
  • Stone and brick repairs, replacement and repointing.

Freyssinet have developed considerable expertise in the repair and restoration of heritage structures. We offer a range of services in this field:

  • Brickwork – structural repairs, pinning, repointing.
  • Cleaning – using a range of methods for all materials, including pressure washing, patented dry and wet process and powder cleaning.
  • Render repairs, replacement and new concrete work, including heritage features.
  • Timber windows – repair and/or replacement of heritage windows.
  • Lead paint management (PCCP5 accredited).
  • Copper and lead repairs and new installation.