Asbestos and lead paint removal

Asbestos and lead paint removal

Freyssinet holds current Painting Contractor Certification Program (PCCP) accreditation for Protective Coating, Class 5A & 5B (lead and non-lead) management.

Our supervisors and engineers have been NACE and ACA trained to CIP levels 1 and 2.

Whether the hazardous paint is on timber, steel or concrete, our team of experts will be able to approach its management from a practical prospective and offer solutions for its removal by following best practices.

Whether your project requires hazardous paint to be removed with garnet, water blast or paint stripping, Freyssinet will be able to use their equipment and resources to perform successfully your project. 

Our works include:

  • Lead paint removal from wharves.
  • Lead paint removal from mining coal facilities.
  • Heritage buildings and steel structures.
  • Water tanks.